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September 2019

Thursday 9.27.2019


2 RFTs 200 DU/Singles 25 Ring Dips (No Rings Sub to 50/40 Pushups) 100' DB FRL (50/35 or Your Choice) Standards, Notes & Demos: Ring: should come in contact with armpit & full lockout at elbow (band if necessary) Pushups: options to a box or bench FRL: knee in contact with ground Adjust weight or [...]

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Wednesday 9.25.2019


For Time: 21-15-9 Row Burpee over Rower REST 3 Min the Est. a 1 RM of this Snatch Complex 1 Squat Snatch + 1 HSS + 2 OHSq Standards, Notes & Demos: Must be a 2 foot take off for BORs Cannot make contact w/ rower when jumping Step up if necessary

Wednesday 9.25.20192019-09-26T17:06:32+00:00

Tuesday 9.24.2019


For Time: 2 Rds of: 11 TTB/KTC 21 FS (135/85-115/75-85/35) 2 Rds of: 9 TTB 21 PJ (135/85-115/75-85/35) 2 Rds of : 7 TTB 21 BS (135/85-115/75-85/35) Standards, Notes & Demos: Make all your own weightchanges FS is from the floor unless rack is necessary All Squats Choose a weight you can do UB or [...]

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Monday 9.23.2019


5 Rds from Time: 20 Burpee Pistols 200m Run 50 DU/100 Singles :30 Hollow Hold Standards, Notes & Demos: Burpee Pistol: Scale to Jump/Step up to assisted Pistol or to Air Sq Hollow Hold:

Monday 9.23.20192019-09-24T06:25:53+00:00

Saturday 9.21.2019


TRACK WOD;4 Running Intervals: 4 Rds of 400m Run.  (REST 1:1) Goal is to be faster each Rd REST 2 Min Between 2 Rds of 800m Run (REST 1:1) Goal is to be faster each Rd REST 3 Min Between Run 1 Mile for Time Standards, Notes & Demos: 1:1 is a WORK : [...]

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Friday 9.20.2019


"Karen" (20/14-20/10) 150 Wall Ball for Time 10'/9' Target Post Time and Scores: Standards, Notes & Demos: Wall Ball must hit target height Sq must pass below parallel Scale depth if nessassary

Friday 9.20.20192019-09-20T18:42:49+00:00

Thursday 9.19.2019


Tabata This for 3 rds Air Sq Tuck Jumps Hollow Holds Pushups "Stay at Each movement for 8 Rds then advance to next .  1 Min Rest between Movements.  2 Min Between Rds Total Rds/Reps is your Score Standards, Notes & Demos: Tuck Jump:  

Thursday 9.19.20192019-09-20T18:36:26+00:00
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